Strong race pace and a great recovery for a result in the Top 10 have been useless due to a crash in the final minutes of the race. For Michele Beretta and Andrea Piccini the opening round of Blancpain Endurance Series in Monza was not so good; a shame because the Grasser Racing trio was able to bring the green Lamborghini #19 from the thirty-seventh place conquered in qualifying (with over 35 cars packed in 1 second) until the seventh. A drive-through received in the last hour of the race due to overtake with yellow flags downgraded the Huracan GT3 in fourteenth place; after that, Andrea was hit by Albert Costa and his Jaguar that forced Piccini to stop the car, losing a final result in the Top 10.

Andrea Piccini: “With more than 30 cars packed in one second, it is synonymous of the great competitiveness that we have in the series, you need to push at 110% everytime. In qualify, the Balance of Performance brought all Lamborghini GT3s out of the first twenty places. In the race, we did a great job thanks to Luca, who started very well, perfect pit stops, good performance shown by Michele to keep the car in the Top 10. The drive-through cut our target to finish in the same position, dropping us down to fourteenth. When I came back on track, I had to fight for 15 laps with Albert Costa’s Jaguar; it was hard because the BOP made the english car so fast on the straights and how I could pull it off in a corner, at every braking I found it on my side. At the end, the Jaguar hit me in the first chiacane spinning out. Such a shame because with our performance we had everything to finish in the Top 10.