2018 racing season began in Le Castellet for Giacomo and Andrea Piccini. The two brothers got the podium together their team mates, Sergio Pianezzola and Claudio Schiavoni, last weekend in the inaugural round of Michelin Le Mans Cup, both on Kessel Racing Ferrari 488 GT3. After a good start, Schiavoni kept the position putting under pressure Christoph Ulrich for the fourth place; later in the race, Schiavoni spun at Signe loosing the control of the car and four places. Not at all affected by what happened, Schiavoni began to press on throttle and, after a great comeback, delivered the Ferrari to Andrea Piccini in third place, but too far away from the second in order to try any attack. Andrea Piccini, anyway, set the fastest lap time in the race (1’55″479).

When you get the podium, the feedback can not be negative – said Andrea Piccini – and Claudio Schiavoni made a very good job. Unfortunately he spun, but when you’re fighting and you’re pushing on the limit, it can happen. I had a great time in the race: an almost perfect setup allowed me to get the most from the first to the last lap of my stint and also to score the fastest lap. It has been a long time since I drove a car so beautiful and fun; unfortunately, the second place was definitely too far. However, we had a very performing and reliable car in add to an excellent work by whole team. Congratulations to my brother Giacomo and Sergio Pianezzola for the fantastic win“.