Win in SPX class and 20th overall in the 2017 Nurburgring 24 Hours for Andrea Piccini

Winner of SPX class and 20th overall for Andrea Piccini and Traum Motorsport team mates – Thomas Mutsch, Felipe Laser and Franck Mallieux – at the wheel of #702 Glickenhaus SCG003C in the 2017 Nurburgring 24 Hours race. The return after three years on the legendary Nordschleife ended with a global good result for the 38-year-old driver from Sansepolcro and for the whole team, happy for the class win but not at all for the missed overall win. The #704 was kicked off in the earlier while the #702 – since the first refueling – revealed filling problems for the tank and was forced to refuel several times compared to what was anticipated in the strategy. An unexpected problem that has compromised the chances of fighting for the top positions. With the 12th time in qualify, due to an accident occurred at one of the BMWs that slowed down the Glickenhaus SCG003C number 702 in the Top 30 Qualifying, the four were able to keep up the pace of the first in the opening hours of the race. Laser took over, followed by Mutsch and then by Piccini, who at the end of his stint – the first three and a half hours of races – had delivered the car as second overall. The problem with the valve, which triggered the fuel pump by limiting the supply to 50-60 liters once, forced the Glickenhaus to stop twice to try to solve the problem, losing several laps.

It’s a shame that both cars have kept the pace of the race throughout the race and have demonstrated incredible mechanical reliability – said Andrea Piccini – in a context in which Audi, BMW and Porsche had presented themselves to the full range with official teams. All of us have pushed to the maximum and the team deserved to get a better result after three years of work that brought the car to a high level of competitiveness. Instead, we have to be happy for the win in SPX class. I hope it will be a future for this car so it can fight once again in the Nordschleife track.

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